Top 10 Most Powerful Women in America

Top 10 Most Powerful Women in America

In the United States the world's women are far more powerful than them. They are educated, they are taking part in the country's economy as they are aware of their rights and active. But how American women stack up against each other? This list of most powerful women in the United States, which has been compiled to show. Among men to influence decisions that affect them, shapes the issues of women in decision-making that can be directly involved. Changed with the revolution in strength parameters technology. If you have friends with a revolutionary idea and deep pockets-, you can collect as many followers as SnapChat as a broadcast TV channel. Fancy offices of power and influence, is no longer about salaries and titles. This is how you can open up to others around you about the many opportunities.

10 Most Powerful Women in America

10. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres powerful women
Legalization of gays and lesbians to have been directly affected by a few people and Ellen Degeneres who did it. The interesting thing is that he's gay / lesbian is not an advocate of gay rights. This award-winning, daily broadcast that does not talk about it nationally acclaimed talk show. Because of people like her as a person sociable and just. It lies on the sexual orientation of the same sex but who good-natured and is not allowed to taint his reputation as a man that can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Many draw inspiration and guidance from her. He used to be a comedian turned actor is now a talk show host as a media darling.

9. The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg holds the reins. Mark Zuckerberg occupy a middle class level in our list of the most powerful American men as Facebook's CEO. Therefore, Ms. Sandberg's influence can not be far behind. Nowadays social media glut and responsibility of the woman to keep alive the hype in the middle of a rape, such as conflicts of going live on Facebook Live authorities reporting for 3 hours without any Is. This decision will affect how people communicate and interact with each other as their wings hard technology with each passing day. He is a lawyer go "the best-selling author of" Women's participation in life outside their homes. He recently led a highly publicized IP Facebook unvested stock and $ 1 billion to his name and through. In addition, they have been rewarded with this effort.

8. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Wasserman Schultz

Ms. Wasserman Schultz's
She is a busy woman on Ms. Wasserman Schultz as the two most important places in the American system. When it comes to determining the party's strategy of being the chairperson of the National Democratic Party, he is the most influential person. When he has become the face of the party and she speaks, the camera is held still and pay attention to people. On the other hand, is a Congress that could affect the scope of the opinion that it was out of the treasury of the work week as a member of the committee. They can make a difference to the side of the public debate of any issue or legislation. They have a direct role in shaping US policy and that is a powerful and influential woman of her time.

7. Michelle Obama

Top 10 Most Powerful Women in America
The first lady and prevent its way over the women being the wife of the most powerful man on earth, we are talking about usually exuded vibes from Michelle as a woman . Fashion sense and her stance on various social issues have taken a respectable place in American society. Many people where they can participate in the next presidential election may have gone as demand for its active role in politics.

She holds her own right, she is a woman, as a graduate of both Princeton and Harvard law school degree before moving to the White House and the exercise of Community law. Their ability to hold the attention of a large audience is a gift that has been given to women before. This "let's" baby has brought her "Mom" campaign instincts of light about obesity. He could well snatch the cell phone is the former president! (The powerful).

6. Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer USA
TV show today as much as we have a lot of twists in the stories that reach is known as false vision. no impression. It covers the most important new stories and has the ability to shape the conversations up the experience of the year. It is not unusual quality of her work, but that it exerts considerable influence. It ranks as the world's 23rd most powerful woman in Forbes and an exclusive interview with the President because there was supposed to ask the questions Ms.Sawyer.

5. Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM

CEO Virginia Rometty, IBM
Political power should be attributed to ordinary workers and multinational companies among the public today. For the former multinational corporations believe that they can influence government decisions in the economy. Why multinational companies are important and effective in women CEO's why. Not only women are more compassionate, more humane, but their approach to the various issues. Women work in technology, globalization and competition will drive forward and Rometty active women and women on both fronts.

4. Nancy Pelosi

The most powerful politicians
Ms. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most powerful politicians in the United States. He was once the home of the speaker and is minority leader. In addition, they have to Shekhar in the Congress Hall in motion. It helps to develop strategies that will help the party. It is the wish for a successful re-elected, which includes support for Democratic candidates. He is on the front line of the campaign of the party, promotion and advocacy.

3. Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates most powerful women
Melinda Gates, co-founder with her husband Bill charitable foundation in the world, rich in history with Gates. Prime Ministers of Parliament will be held accountable, CEO of boards to respond to Oz, but Ms. Gates endowment funds can spend it wherever they see fit her husband in 41.3 $ billion. If a person and as women who have a focus on girls, the ability to influence the decisions made in the name Melinda Gates gender. Ms.Gates Angela Merkel called the conference in an address and the impression it made could any of the other women.

2. Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PEPSI Co.

CEO Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo
PepsiCo CEO is well known for his leadership style. This credit is a major point of concern for the health. The fact that obesity is linked to the carbonated beverage industry has not shied away from it. The company is in fact talking about how we can contribute to solving this problem. In addition, he spoke about the "Stealth Health" in the product. However, Pepsi and most popular drink on the planet, diabetes is the reason behind the very popular. CEOs are concerned with how their products are healthy, but because he is moving in the right direction. If they listen and they say it is healthy- it can to boost their sales even more. Together with Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the United States fund 96 health groups.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey memoir
Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire and one of the richest women in America. She was seen by millions and a nationally syndicated show. In addition, he has become an almost universal household name the style and presentation of the show. He came across as a woman who does not want the money, but because of its charitable activities, wants to make a difference in the world. Launched its own magazine called Winfrey "A" and it shows, feature films and its own cable network also set up a production company that helped produce named for his benefit . She announced that she was reading a book, a best seller who may not agree with it, but each took a jump until the hearing.

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