Top 10 Facebook Facts that will Freak you Out

Top 10 Facebook Facts that will Freak you Out

Dan Brown is one of the few American authors of CSS. National Security Agency fiction book about it so suddenly Edward Snowden was true after the incident. In his book "Digital Fortress" in, Brown wrote that the World Wide Web NSA there is not a single sentence in an email does not pass through the filters located in the headquarters. State institutions are not spying on their own citizens, but also in other parts of the world. Book villain system sends a virus to destroy that violate human rights in his opinion. Like Edward Snowden, who was also an employee of the NSA. If it does not bother you much, try the following tips. Some of them will definitely crazy.

10. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition
Facebook is collecting data of its users in bulk. In layman's terms, we can say that the film has collected the equivalent of 510,000 daily data. This is done with so much information? When you tag any of your friends Facebook photos, you send some data to face recognition software actually. Each new image upload with this, they're better at face recognition. They claim that their algorithm is so good 98 percent accurate.

9. Your location

Your location on Facebook
If you check that you have a good restaurant or somewhere interesting when one knows Facebook. In case there are some places which are considered dubious by the US authorities- with you well know! the exact coordinates to use this to anyone!

8. It can affect your mental health and make you a show-off snob!

Facebook affects your mental health
That alone is not really original about the book, in fact it is really about technology in general. Those affected by the rays emitted from these devices spend a lot of time near the laptop and other devices. Since Facebook is addictive and you have reported it to be worse for your mental health to use, can not seem to leave alone. Lives of the people you are giving the impression that everything is great who feel depressed and leftout when the opposite. And yes, we have noted the phenomenon of Facebook actually you a snob and a splash?

7. Facebook is harmful for your intellect

Facebook is harmful for your understanding.
Why is it that you always see what you like on Facebook? Why do not you sponsor posts that you dislike? Collects on your choice of the Facebook data, political priorities, status and inclinations you just want to, the look of which are used to filter the news is. For example, some barely left wing supporters of right-wing politics, politics would see "good" about politicians. In the case of Brexit, Mark Zuckerberg filtering through fake news of proof "fake news" to influence public opinion through social media to consider the promise that was so strong. Unfortunately, no matter what is put it- people, especially lying so common source of news for young people, for today Facebook.

6. Negative health consequences regarding the body

How to stop Facebook Addiction
Imagine smart friends all day looking at the posts. You'll start to encounter problems regarding your body for sure. In a study by Florida State University, out of 84 students had seen a lot of Facebook, which is used to eating disorders in people participated.

5. Fear of Missing Out or FOMO

Note woman thinks to book
FOMO encourage encouraged many people who are active users on Facebook. A study conducted by New York University has a tradition, people are constantly watch others and then they develop a fear of missing out the fun part. Facebook is lonelier than the lonely people. Instead of bringing people closer, it is actually drifting apart.

4. Facebook KNOWS a lot about YOU

Facebook knows more about you
Do you remember the book you can forget the fees and posted four years ago, but it also reminds you. The interesting thing is that it does it in such a sweet way! Well, I like it, post, share, closed, open, and my love for them to Facebook, entertainment, and a general indication of what you dislike. So basically write his personality profile as Facebook and even practice writing estimate based on my intelligence level and post (the part that really freaked me out).

3. Facebook censors political information

Top 10 Facebook Facts
We already know Facebook posts we liked it, but he does not like the letters stop. The idea is to defy promote openness and sharing, but its basic philosophy censor certain posts from Facebook. It is a state level. For example, a page on the direct orders of the Russian government demonstrations in Russia was blocked by Facebook. Let's try to make it say about "How are paving the way Zionists Armageddon" and a controversial page on Facebook get deleted soon!

2. Facebook can sell your data

You get advertising messages on your phone where you ever wondered? Cellular companies use to send you the phone numbers that they are paying for the ads. Facebook also information that will sell your data on it is about you. If you are shopping online cash- Facebook through the sale of credit cards with MasterCard can tell with the purpose of promoting any online shopping with real-time on call.

1. Facebook can devise your sleeping patterns

Facebook can devise your sleep patterns
Facebook Messenger app shows when a person was last active. When you sign when you can tell Facebook and gold. That means we have a very open Facebook first thing after we opened your eyes? It looks like!

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