Top 10 Foods That Could Actually Kill You

Top 10 Foods That Could Actually Kill You

Food consumed our health but does not seem to keep some foods, even if they are called diet, they should not be. It's not like you as soon as they swallow but it definitely does work like slow poison to kill you. Following certainly will cut your life short by ten food intake chart.

10- Frosting

Red velvet frosting
Cake lovers Sorry, but this delicious frosting can kill you! Now everyone how bad sugar affects your health but contain more sugar than the frosting did not know that the Chinese themselves, who knows? Similarly, you have almost four times the amount of sugar in a plain cake donut will find 34 grams of sugar in a single bran muffin! As soon as it is consumed, is skyscraping your blood sugar and cholesterol level went off the charts. Last but not least, the ability to make you fat. So before a frosting or a bran muffin, that may be can help to ask, what are you to think that obesity intaking!

9- Mars Bar

Foods that can actually kill you
If you do not have one yet, good for you! Mars is one of the most notorious ill with bars on a 1,200 calories alone bars. Some guy out as a deep frier in a colorful and it fried Mars bar in Scotland. This is very bad for you. If you want a diet of chocolate and health at the same time try dark chocolate.

8- Foie Gras (Fat Liver)

Foods that can actually kill you
If you ever find yourself in a fancy French restaurant, you can see foie gras on the menu and its presence can all think of a cool thing, but before you do, be you know to how it is made. This is a goose or duck throat and power comes from a process of sticking a massive down tube feeding them. Swelling with fat causes the liver and apparently it tastes better. As now seems barbaric act, it is unhealthy for human consumption. If you only see the process it will surely be enough to turn your stomach form.

7- Bitter Almonds

Organic bitter almonds
Because of the potential risk that you know, they are illegal to buy or sell in New Zealand? Bitter almonds small doses can be fatal, have children.The bitter almonds cyanide in particular for those who, while hardly anything sweet. Fortunately, it is found in sweet varieties which have been occasional reports on general consumption, but those who are bitter almond poisoning cases have weakened immune systems.

6- Palm Oil

Palm oil
Even if you can not see anywhere are palm oil, the margarine, soup, cooking oil, biscuits, baked goods and also is present in so many foods such as Nutella! They Sorry to break it out as it requires plenty of space resulting close in deforestation and in Nutella is to him, and saturated fat which are very bad for the human body aside for palm oil for prevention, causing a huge environmental problems in the gardens of some species such as the Sumatran Tiger Orang Utan. Palm oil, although not good for humans and animals in an indirect way. Interesting.

5- Green Potatoes

Green Potatoes
Potatoes are generally safe to eat right when they turn green, you better stay away. Potatoes animals to humans as well, so we created a natural poison a glyco alkaloid called Solanine. In 1899, fifty-six German soldiers severe diarrhea, severe headache, coma and even eventually experience symptoms of solanine poisoning leading to death. The average human male would have to consume only a pound of toxic poison green potatoes.

4- Microwaved Popcorn

Microwaved popcorn
Summer is hot popcorn contains a carcinogenic (causing cancer) and perfluorooctanoic. The study also found a cancer-causing acid in a microwave popcorn. Some brands also known as a chemical called diacetyl factory workers lung popcorns employes of which is due to dirty as a condition that develops as it seems. These studies, many people turn their backs on the microwave popcorns and once you pop, you can not stop because it really is because of their own sin!

3- Table Salt

Food salt
Concluded from a survey table salt to provide their customers 95 percent of American restaurants. This is actually everywhere. Lost Materials are then replaced with potentially dangerous levels of potassium iodide. Table salt heart studies have found that it is the cause of the increase in blood pressure as it tries to keep toxins. It is also intertwined can cause severe kidney, thyroid and liver problems with dozens of other issues. Those who actually read this in a white poison and realized that turned into natural salt. Table salt is literally everywhere nowadays because it can be difficult to do.

2- Artificially Dyed Food

Artificially dyed foods
Sadly, all attractive colorful candy and jelly could fall into this broad category. People are so used to it that they have forgotten that they are eating. A wise scholar once the food is as bright as neon Teletubbies, you probably should avoid eating. People are now more than five times what since 1955 has started to feel the consequences consume and scientists. Candy and pop drinks found in blue brain tumors and damage has been caused by DNA. Bladder tumors green, red may be due to a thyroid tumor and the lymph and because of all the above, including a yellow OE asthma, insomnia and violent behavior. Ever wonder why your child is violent episodes on these people? There you go! Most are driven by artificial dyes and hyperactivity of ADHD in children.

1- Leftover Rice

The food made from rice
Most people do not realize that they even take off when the Chinese eat rice or end the night before, it will be for them. If you leave a room temperature overnight cooked rice, a bacteria called Bacillus Cereus and multiplies the pain worse cases toxins in rice production, diarrhea, spread, which can cause vomiting. Now you gets worse, except rice. Do not try to eat rice with tiny invisible spores of all the people. The rice is the best rice!

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