Top 10 Laws which Queen Elizabeth II does not have to follow

Top 10 Laws which Queen Elizabeth II does not have to follow

Queen Elizabeth II, now he needs no introduction as it has become the longest reigning monarch in the world. 1952. The royalties where the benefits are relatively low at this time is the most power he held the queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been around. But now there is no need to follow some rules which Queen Elizabeth.

10- She Can Eat a Swan and own pet Dolphin

My Pet Dolphin Queen Elizabeth II
Also, if a goose in the UK do not hunt for food, resulting in serious consequences, but Queen's illegal! Are protected by the swan queen of the United Kingdom while he is also the owner of the Swan River Thames and uncheck all quiet. He, nevertheless, is the biggest owner of the freedom to indulge in a favorite food of roasted swan with filling ancestors. So, while in the United Kingdom, if you ever have a craving for meat birds, better than a chicken or a pigeon, or Turkey, or maybe go for a pheasant, but a swan! Queen of all whales and dolphins swim th UK waters which the owner, because the owner of a dolphin is illegal!

9- No Driver’s Licence

Queen Elizabeth II drive a Range Rover in
Britain, after all driving licenses are issued in the name of Queen if he is licensed for yourself, it might look inappropriate? This is not a ruthless driver at Queen! He drove an ambulance during World War II. In addition, the Saudi prince visited in 1998, when he drove her around the estate around in her Land Rover. Whatever the move is not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia to ignite the notion of women as equal rights of women. Well Desi!

8- No Speed Limit

Queen of Speed ​​is a perk to drive around in desires. They may have to follow all of which exceed the speed limit. Her late sister, Princess Margaret had not said that it is a privilege and Elizabeth very like to drive fast! Nowadays the Queen only drives around the estate.

7- Queen Elizabeth II do not require a passport

He does not have a passport
Queen Elizabeth is a not need a passport to travel destinations around the handful of people in the world. She definitely did not need to own so much like a driver's license, all British passports issued by her royal majesty. While packing her bag to travel, passport one can forget about it!

6- Exempted from giving out information

Such was the demand of a democratic society, freedom of press and public information such as England and the appropriate questions of the situation. The royal family, on the other hand, have used their power to block any Freedom of Information Act, The Queen of keeping her private family matters.

5- No Tax

The Queen to pay income tax rather than their income! Although the queen has paid of voluntary tax since 1992. He is very generous and patriotic in a way.

4- Queen Elizabeth II can start a War

Elizabeth and served during World War II
The battle with the Queen declared the right to refuse to make peace with any country in the world. Cases to declare war are usually carried out by Parliament, but it can not be without royal approval. Queen declares war against the United States, they can do it on the actual legal provisions and the kings of the state will be at war with the United States. Whether they can legally dismiss the government of Australia or Canada. (An Australian prime minister fired in 1975).

3- Queen Elizabeth II can Reject Laws

Queen Elizabeth she can reject laws
A law is passed by Parliament and the House of Lords, when it comes to the Queen for royal consent or approval. They can not make or UK law, it is completely under its authority.

2- Cannot be Sued or Prosecuted

Do you think the Queen Sue ever legally, he is not a great idea as above the law! They can not be sent to jail and he is not required to provide any evidence in a court of law. It is implemented at the international level as well.

1- Queen Elizabeth II can break ANY law.

It looks like a total party! Which literally means the Queen of England can break any law. They can break a signal, they can shoplift. In addition, they can legally take it back and carry on a private property in the event of national emergency. They can print money (it has its own cash machine at Buckingham Palace). In addition, they lie about her age and legally he could be as many as birthday parties. In addition, the children, rob a bank can steal and even kill a man in cold blood and get away with it. Of course, he has not done any of these things. We have to at least know!

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